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Cactus Cat Cave
Cactus Cat Cave
Cactus Cat Cave
Cactus Cat Cave
Cactus Cat Cave
Cactus Cat Cave

Cactus Cat Cave

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The Kitco Cactus Cat Bed gives your feline a cozy and covered hideaway with a comfy sleep surface for remarkable rest. This cactus-themed place of their own is accented by one pink-and-yellow flower that add a pop of color to the gorgeous green exterior.

  • Cactus Cat Bed from Kitco
  • Hooded cat hideaway provides a private and comfortable sleep environment
  • Removable washable cushioned pillow
  • Polyester walls are structured and made from soft material
  • Cute cactus-shaped cave sleeping bed is very soft and breathable, aesthetic and functionally designed.

Give the warmth, love and care for your cat, and show them how much you love and care. Can be placed in a balcony corridor or other places without worrying about sliding, providing a warm and dry shelter for pets.


- Comfy, warm and cozy pet bed
- Portable and lightweight for travel
- Fine workmanship, durable and practical
- Surface washable. Cushioned Pillow
- Perfect for small pets like cats, kittens, etc

- Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 40 cm (15 x 13 x 15in)